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Car Window Tinting Services

Car Window Tinting Experts, with over 30 years of automotive experience so you can rest easy knowing we can handle any and all of your automotive window tinting needs!

Automotive Window Tinting Benefits:

  • Privacy: Window tints allow you to look out while others have difficulity looking in. Got valueables in your car? Rest easy knowing others will have trouble seeing those as well. 

  • UV Protection: Window tints can block up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays for added protection while you drive. 

  • Energy Efficiency: Up to 96% of the sun's heat can be repelled by window tinting your car. Running the air conditioner hinders your gas mileage. Window tints reduce glare and cool your cabin while you cruise and save money. 

  • Aesthetic: Simply put, window tinting gives your vehicle a sharp new look and also creates a brand new premium cabin experience.

Georgia Shade Window Tinting & Auto Spa utlizes MaxPro Window Films to provide a quality and premuim experience. Window film, commonly called window tint, not only enhances the aestetic look of your vehicle but it also provides real automotive ulitily enhancement. 


  •  Standard Film 

    • Coupes: $205

    • Sedans: $230

    • SUV/Trucks: $265

    • Vans: $285

  • Ceramic Film

    • Coupes: $370

    • Sedans: $395

    • SUV/Trucks: $400-$430

    • Vans: $430

  • 2 Front or 2 Back Windows: Standard Film $115 - Ceramic Film $200

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